Welcome to The Evidence Agency future proving consultants.

Future proving through concept, audience and user experience consultancy and research.

The Evidence Agency has more than 15 years experience researching concepts, markets, businesses and consumer perceptions. You can be sure that the Evidence Agency will improve your communications, marketing and decision making.

Our multi layered audience analysis includes many thousands of data points to enhance understanding and targeting.

Qualitative Evidence

Focus Groups, Social Trend Monitoring, Depth Interviews & Ethnographic Observations

Data Augmentation

Enhance your existing database or open data sources by adding missing and alternative information through human intervention as required.

Data Collection

Desk research, online, telephone, mobile and face to face surveys.

Data Supply

Choose from 5 million business and 60 million consumers in the UK alone Survey more than 180 million mobile users around the world. Thousands of Psych, Social, Economic, Motivational data points and external factor analysis ensure your understanding is clear and robust.

Perception Management

Intuitive Social Media targeting, Main Stream Media, PR, Marketing consultancy to support the successful delivery of complex directed strategies.

Analysis & Reporting

Info-graphics and instant results completed with Academic rigor.