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The Evidence Agency

Our leading audience research consultants delivers trusted, independent, confidential and rigorous research results to leading organisations, in both the public and private sectors, the arts, media and global brands. Our highly experienced academic analysts deliver secure secondary and primary research to ensure our clients insights are useful, timely and relevant.

Our data augmentation teams work with your internal data and enhance it through primary, qualitative and quantitative research methods:

We have an idea of who our customers are and what they think but this needs to be evidenced.

…Robust insights allow for strong strategies to emerge:

Most data is buried within systems and although dashboards help an external independent interpretation tests our understanding. Evidence Agency provide the evidence needed by analysing and presenting data in the wider audience & market context.

Internal audience insights guide our engagement strategies:

By combining internal information sources with independent competitor & market comparisons existing evidence is tested and overall understanding is enhanced for all stakeholders.

Public and stakeholder communications are key to our existence:

The Evidence Agency gives stakeholders and colleagues confidence and ensure all communications are based on, and deliver, robust and unbiased truths.

The Evidence Agency

Provide audience consultancy and research. This ensures efficient use of your internal team and insights and leads to more effective and trusted decision making. Contact the EA today.

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